Paisano Publishing: Tattoo Magazine (April 2009) Special Edition

Image by Tiki Village Moorea

Ia Orana - Kaoha Nui - Greetings!

Tattooing has been a huge part of the Polynesian ancient world history.

The art of Patutiki & Tatau are known as some of the oldest forms of tattooing still existing today.
Their ancient art has been passed down through generations and still thrives today in Tahiti & her islands.

Follow us on a journey of discovery back to the Source, the Roots of Patutiki & Tatau; where we will travel into the heart and soul of their ancient art, discover their lineages, spirituality, folklore, legends and the complexities of their styles, symbols and meanings.

Mauruuru Roa - Kautau Nui - Thank You

Follow us on a Journey of Discovery, Back to the Source of the Tattoo

Maeva  - Welcome

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